On-site Office/Workplace & Corporate Therapeutic Massage

Sports & Neuromuscular Massage Therapy

Corporate massage is effective, efficient, and designed to meet the specific needs of each individual client.  Whether service is for your business, sports club, event, or just for YOU, you will enjoy the attention  to detail and will be impressed with the care taken to ensure that your needs and expectations are met.

The committed team of Massage Therapists are fully qualified and are able to identify and treat problem areas. They will offer advice on post-massage care and stretching that will enable you to get the most from each massage session.

Looking for a way to reward your team and help them stay productive at the same time?
Corporate Massage is a valid, cost-effective, and reliable method used to boost the immune system and prevent and correct:

·    Repetitive Strain Injuries – Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and tendonitis, which are among the most common submissions on health insurance forms.

· Work Stress – Back and neck pain, headaches, eyestrain, sleep disorders, chemical dependency, lateness and absenteeism, etc.

Implementing therapeutic massage into your office or workplace wellness program has the potential to boost staff morale, create staff loyalty, a positive company profile, and attract quality staff.  Businesses who take an active role in promoting “wellness” rather than treating “sickness” in the workplace will reap the rewards in terms of reducing stress and fatigue.  You can also lower staff absenteeism and increase productivity whilst at the same time boosting staff morale.

Let us bring relief to you!

The therapist can bring a Massage chair to your place of business and provide seated therapy sessions starting at 15/20 minutes per person. And remember, the Massage Therapists specialize in clothes-on techniques, so your staff can get stress relief in comfortable clothes with no shower needed … and return to work in just minutes!

A Back Massage Chair is used, so there is no need for clients to undress during the treatment. Each therapist aims to massage 4 people per hour (15 min per person). All that is required from the company is a room or open area to do the massage and someone to arrange a time schedule prior to arrival.

Quotes on request depend on numbers.
An arrangement can be made for small or large groups.

Contact us to schedule your on-site chair massage … Reward your team with a 15 or 20 minute on-site massage. Remember, less stress means more productivity!
The On Site Massage program is simple to set up and runs itself!

No hassles, just benefits!

Just set a time and provide a space – We’ll do the rest

Our Corporate Clients

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